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Appalachian Sustainable Finance Hub

The Appalachian Sustainable Finance Hub will serve as a central point to facilitate the planning and funding of projects. By working with local leaders, industry partners, labor, and investors, it aims to prepare communities to secure millions in grants and project funding.

About the Hub

Rapidly growing investment in sustainable civic infrastructure projects is a critical opportunity for communities across the U.S. With support from the Appalachian Regional Commission, Heartland Capital Strategies is conducting a one-year planning project to accelerate sustainable economic development in mid and upper Appalachia. Through strategic partnerships, financial innovation, and capacity building, a Sustainable Finance Hub will help communities generate and retain quality jobs, and build a diversified, resilient and clean economy.

Join Our Collaborative Platform


Ongoing collaboration and resource sharing for the Appalachian Sustainable Finance Hub will be conducted through a dedicated channel hosted on the 10,000 Communities Initiative's Community Infrastructure Center platform.

Scope of Work

The Hub will focus its efforts in the Appalachian counties of Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Service Area Map trimmed.png

2024 planning work with our partners

  • Build networks of project owners and industry experts to provide information and advice about project opportunities, gaps and barriers


  • Research and assemble project development best practices, model documents and financial tools


  • Hold events throughout the region to build partnerships, share expertise, highlight successful case studies, and identify promising projects


  • Design a digital tool to host the interactions of hub participants and house a library of project development resources

See a recap of our launch event

Tuesday, May 21 11am-1pm

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